Thanks for taking the time to check out the new website and get to know me just a bit.  This little design studio has been in business in the Mid South area for the last 8 years.  As a wife, mom, and business owner, it's my passion to see others be able to pursue work they love AND be successful at it.

     Born and raised in Mississippi, i currently reside in a rather sprawling suburb of Memphis, TN.  i'm a wife to one fabulous man. He and i are attempting (insert nervous laughter here) to raise 3 kiddos to one day grow up and contribute to society in positive ways. i'm a sister, a daughter, a friend, and collaborator.  Outside of work, my soul has always been tethered to music and singing. i occasionally try my hand at painting.  Colors, creation, and words inspire me.  My children delight my heart. i love the rare date nights with my hubs. And i'm a recovering procrastinator.  My family & God are the "we" in my business; it is truly an intentional and harmonious effort (well, most days).

     Which leads me to the most important facet of who i am:  i am a child of God.  A follower of Christ.  He is the I AM...the big "I", and Paige, the little "i."  And in this identity, i find and pursue the purpose of my work -  to love, nurture, and pour into others who i become privileged to call clients; to support, encourage, and partner with them in offering their amazing vision, talents, callings, uniqueness, and works to the world; a world that so desperately needs more of the passions of our hearts, the things that make us come alive.  <3

     Until we meet one day, blessings, AND (wink wink) i look forward to working with you!


More than just web design service.


Southern Creative excels in customer service.  Maybe its our deep roots in Southern hospitality?  But more than that, it's working with someone who understands wanting to do what you love. Who knows what it's like to wear many different "hats" but desiring to spend the most time and effort on those things, those PEOPLE who matter most in life.  i get dreaming of meaningful work, making a difference, living on purpose, and achieving success.  And i also understand falling down at times . . . and getting back up again.  

Working one-on-one with me, communication is simplified and nothing is lost in translation.  i'd love to be your dream-champion, encouraging you to step out and believe in what you are doing.  Let's make this happen!